Can You Turbocharge A New Si

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My friend has a new SI with the K20 in it and was planning on turbocharging it. However Importbuilder told him that you can't turbo that engine becuase it doesn't have enough fuel pressure or something like that. I know that tuning would be tough as its the new iVtec but anyone know exactly why you can't turbocharge it, he said you can put a supercharger on it but not turbo and I myself can't figure out why. Thanks for any info.
you can turbocharge anything... if fuel presure is the problem, upgrade the pump and the fuel pressure regulator, maybe the injectors/fuel rail etc... wether or not these parts are available yet, i couldnt tell you
Ya that is exactly what I was thinking but Importbuilders told him that even that would not work and that it was now and will always be impossible to turbocharge this motor (Thats what he said IB said) I just can't figure out why it would be and why you couldn't just put on a higher flowing fuel pump, regulator, and injectors. Anyone know why?
they are workin on the AEM for the car right now and should be out shortly.. after that.. you wouldnt have a problem turbocharging the car.

if what IB said is true, i'm assuming its because of the engine's placement in the engine bay. being thats its mounted backwords compared to b-series motors it would make installing the turbo and manifold a problem. i thought i'd seen pictures of a greddy turbo with an rsx although there is more room with the longer and more roomy engine bay.

overall, it seems like a supercharger would just make more sense, although i'm sure a turbo kit could be made to work.
The engine is set up the same as a neon, cavalier, RSX and celica.. and they have been turbocharged.. there may have to be some massaging.. but anything can be turbocharged.

ain't that the truth


There are already boosted SI's out. If I'm not mistaken I saw one last night in the new import tuner. Hell, if they can boost the new 350 Z (if you've had a chance to get under the hood of this thing you'll know of the 1 spare inch of room I'm referring to) they can put them anywhere.