Car Shakes When Braking

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ok guys when im braking from higher speeds, my whole car shakes. and not just a little bit, but there is a good bit of vibration in the steering wheel and it makes the car hard to handle while braking. does anyone know what could cause this? please help.
Including the above mentioned suggestion, you might have an uneven grab of calipers. It's when one grabs a hold tighter than the other, know what I mean? This could be caused by air in the system or leaking seals. If that don't solve the problem then take it to the suspension shop.
Originally posted by dohcvtec_accord@Feb 21 2003, 10:08 AM
Warped brake rotor.

im a dumgass i didnt even think of that. i hope thats all it is, im replacing the rotors anyway, thanks
It could be a warped brake rotor, or if you have worn one of your pads so low that its to metal it would do that as well. I had that problem because the person who owned my car before me never changed brake pads and one of the rotors had been damaged so it ate pads in like 7500 miles. And when it would get low it would shake when braking.
OR it could be a bad wheel bearing, put your front up on jacks and see if you can shimmy either wheel around, if so you should replace it immediately, if not fixed your wheel could just come off at any time, and we dont want that now do we!