Car totalled

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Originally posted by sihatchback_RL@Jun 11 2005, 11:06 PM
my car is probably gonna get totalled, they are gonna give me a shitty 3500. what do you guys suggest i do?
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Um what are the options? buy the car back and part it out? or maybe just take the money and run?
Originally posted by reikoshea@Jun 11 2005, 11:52 PM
If i remember right he has a 92 EG with a GSR swap.
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WORD! 1992 Civic Si Hatchbacl
1995 JDM B18C GSR w/ 40k miles
Outside has very glossy paint
VERY WELL taken care of

It's a fake a$$ mutt ram that pushed my trunk in, broken lights, and a dent on the qaurter panel. I'm thinkin of parting the car out, but not sure.