Carbon fiber everything!

ok here is the stuff I would like for my 1992 hatch civic.

OEM and carbon fiber

hood, fenders, rear spoiler, trunk lid, interior panels door and rear set, front and rear bumper.

if you guys can find me a place that does all this it would be great.


i guess my question would be why do you want all of that? do you like carbon fiber that much?

anyways, if you really want it, visit this website


ask for Mike, he's a cool guy to deal with when you call them or you can email them as well


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thats gonna be spendy, yeah? oh yeah, not worth it, yeah?
sorry.. what are you tryin to save weight? just go with a 1 piece fiberglass front end, yeah? they're $499 for your car :D


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Man this has been gone over so many times, I hope this is a show car, or a race car, and I hope you paint the carbon.

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hey iv' got an unpainted carbon kevlar blend hood on my car is pure uncoloured or painted yellow and black checker it looks good so what if some dont like it to fing bad