Carbs Or Injectors?

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i have a d series si engine and i want to build it na and i was looking at bisi's crx running 10's using carbs and i was wondering if it's really worth almost a 1000 dollars to swap it to carbs?
could u be a little more elaborate on your response, do u have n e information to back that up or n e thing? or u just saying it because it came out of a muscle car?
Go ask Bisi how much total he spent to get his carbureted Civic to run 10s, then ask Brian how much he is going to spend to get a DEL SOL to run 11s, and then ask yourself if it is worth it to convert to carburetion.
carbs? hello and welcome to 1953 technology.

injectors are way easier to tune and run properly on you rmotor. carbs are so unpredictable.
carbs own JOOO!

ps: thanks for the pic chris ;)
Originally posted by endlesszeal@Jan 10 2003, 01:49 PM
arent those individual throttle bodies?? if not i guess im stupid.. :D

throttle bodies only refer to fuel injected cars, those are carburators, so.. individual carburators? :P
hey man u hijacked my pic! ahhaha j/k its not even my pic, just frnds car. and yes they are carbs. FCR flat style carbs by ssWorks. they give u alot of top end and are alot simpler than FI. they are fickle tho as they depend on air density, type of driving and such. def not spomething to get into without thinking.
only way I would run carbs is if I was running in an auto x class that was limited to carb only
or if your going for an all out drag car that will never see anything other then the track and a trailer

if you want I have a Suzuki GS650 with quad crabs you can buy the whole bike from me for 300 bucks with 12K miles on the motor "so the tach said" runs great and you can use the carbs off that for your car =)

Why would you run carbs when FI is not only commonplace on your engine, but is cheaper and has many more options available. If you were talking about a domestic before 1986 or even a 70's european car then carbs are the easier cheaper and more effective way to go. Use the parts that are common to your car and you will be much happier with the result.
the problem with fitting is the adapter plate. carbs are generally pretty inexpensive, speaking from klein price range. u would either need to get a custom plate made or find a kit already pre-made, not sure wut is available for non b-series motors.