Change Headgasket

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I have a 94 JDM B18C gs-r swap in my 94 hatch. We were getting lower compression in my #3 cylinder. round 120 - 140 and the rest were around 175-185. We figured it might be the headgasket, so we took the head off and took a look. We couldnt see any cracks or where air could be getting through.

Anyway....I bought a Spoon headgasket and ARP head studs, and we are putting them in this weekend. Just wanted to know any hints, or tricks that will make this procedure go as smooth as possible. I appreciate any help or advice in advance!

Oh, I have the helms acura integra service manual, any clue bout since i will have higher compression, all i pretty much have to do is retard the timing a little, right ??
Once you crush that head gasket down you will not be able to ( or are not supposed to) use it again. It sound like the problem is in your bottom end. Fix it while the engine is apart. If it was your head gasket you would be most likely misfiring and burning coolant. Don't waste your new parts without confirming the problem. Just put shop air to your cylinder. If you can put your ear to and hear (or god forbid feel) the air coming out of your exhaust it is an exhaust valve. If it comes out of the intake, it's an intake valve. and if it is coming through the drain-backs in the head, it is rings. I know your head is already off...but in the future. For now inspect the cylinder bores with a gauge for distortion and look for vertical lines gouged into the cyl. walls. Also, retarding the timing will negate some of the benefits of that Spoon gasket. It's a high compression adder. If my assumptions are right with the bottom end and you raise your compression, your problem will go from bad to worse quickly. Good luck. ;)