Changed mind abt the zc

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OK well after a hour or two of researching with a friend back home i have decided on the " d16y8 head and the d16a6 bottom end..." how does that sound...? i know i need a 88-91 crx distributer , mine is bad. a d16y8 stock header... timing blet 96 ex head gasket , 60mm throttle body from a b series and a pm6 ecu from a crx si., as well as a vtec controler or a rpm trigger switch....

so does that all sound abt right..... remember im working on a tight budget!
Use the vtec controller or wire it with a sohc vtec ecu. Running the crx si ecu sucks on a vtec motor since it doesnt have the right fuel curves.
I have a crx si distributor for sale, pm me about it. I won't get back to unitl next Saturday since I will be away on business.
You'll need the oil line tapped from the back of the block to power the VTEC system, and I'd use a d16a6 headgasket, because you'll have to block off the oil port on the VTEC head anyway...

You are planning a SOHC VTEC Mini Me buildup with this, right? I never can remember what "Y" code means VTEC.
the d16y8 has the biggest intake manifold of the d series... well thats what i was told./

no if i can just find what im looking for to build this beast ill be good.!
would i just be better off butting the d16 y8 head on my d15 and mini me it..... will it still work ok... cause funds just got tighter! :angry: please any info would be help full thanks.. and i was thinking of using the pm6 with a vtec controler... thanks
im not sure what kind of vtec controller you plan on going with, but id suggest an msd rpm activated window switch, that and the crx si computer will do you good, a friend of mine has the ex motor in his rex with the msd and si ecu... its a fucking beast.
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