Cheap Air Mass Header...

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Alright a buddy of mine is trying to sell me a used airmass blue 4-2-1 header. He is trying to sell it cheap to me. Here is what is up i do not know anything about airmass headers are the good? is it worth buying this one for 75 bucks because i do not have the cash to get the JDM ITR 4-1 header that i want.
i'd take the 75 and put it in an envelope and wait until you have enough money. if i've never heard of it chances are it isn't that great ... lol :)
Yeah, save it. I have heard of Airmass, but I have never seen any power numbers on them.
i saw em in a old jcshitney a long time ago i dont remember if there good or not or what there price was. if you do buy em make sure there for your car
kid down the street was cleaning out his garage, sold me his air-mass header for $20. It looks like crap cause it is rusting at the bolts and welds, but hey 20 bucks who cares@! would i buy one new, no way