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what would be the easiest and cheapest swap to do on a 93' del sol s
No such this as a cheap swap unless the quality is just that--cheap. Easiest and cheapest swap would be D16Z6 to answer your question. Can we USDM Si conversion? :rolleyes:
No you wouldn't...a tuned D16Z6 has like 170 whp...but you said cheap and easy, so that is your option. your telling that we good bolt ons on my s that i couldnt match or make more hp then a stock d16z6?
ok smart ass how come i can walk stock civic exs then
ok sorry no im not stock short ram and test pipe WOW!!!! i can also walk bolted on exs and integra ls' SMART ASS
oh, ur 2 mods beat B18B's? Alright then, looks like you don't need a swap, coz ur D15B7 is fast as shit, if you get a header, you will run 9's...You ass, D15B7 is pathetic, it can't beat shit. This is what I get for trying to help someone, some little doucebag bullshitting. Here's some advice--get a K20A put in there!
the D series is no joke man... ive beaten some pretty impressive cars with my D16Z6... i spanked an old guy in a 911 turbo... smoked 4 M3's on a car carrier... blew by some yuppy fuck in a supra TT on the highway as he was getting off the highway... saw a ferrari one day and took off on him like he was standing still (not sure if there was a driver in that one <_< )
dont sleep on the D series
Dude, dont come on here running your mouth acting like u know shit. #1 the reason u beat EX's is b/c its a fucking sadan man, it was probably auto same with the Integras, also i call BS on ur whole fucking post. if u think ur gunna come here and prove something to the swap gods, i think not they see this everyday and its not that hard to find out who'z bullsh!tting and whos telling the truth, so instead of being a moron, go to please and let them worry about u.
You got your answer and then you got pissed about it. WTF?
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