Cheaper Swap?

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which swap would be cheaper in the long run, h22a or ls/t (including engine tuning, and maintenance for the turbo)?
into what car? would you want to mod either or the engines? are you just lookin' for a bolt on turbo kit? if so... which one? need more info.
it would be a 5g civic. I would want a reliable turbo that would not need alot of maintenance. I probably would get it done at a shop. I hope that helps.
B series parts are MUCH cheaper, ie pistons, rods, sleeving, manifolds, etc. And the ls motor is cheaper to begin with. So there ya have it.
Originally posted by mwasnp@Feb 14 2003, 08:51 AM
B series parts are MUCH cheaper

Not true. Sometimes they're the same price, and sometimes the H-series parts will be a few bucks more. That is, unless you're dealing with a vendor who's jacking the prices of his H-series parts because people think they should be more expensive.
I'd guess it would be about the same. The extra money you'd spend on the VTEC engine (H22), axles, mounts, etc, would be made up in the B-series with all the turbo bits. Just depends on if you want forced induction or N/A. You've also got a little more power potential with the ls/t.
An entire H22 swap for your EG is about $3000-4000. An LS will run you about half that price.
Depending on if you want forced induction or N/A. I'm going N/A so I'm already in the works of getting my H22. Hopefully if all goes well my car should be going into the shop next Friday or Saturday to begin work on my swap.