check cell wiring

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i have a conversion harness and on it it has a check cell wire where does that hook up i have a 91 crx si with z6 motor
as in the jumper to jump to cause the check engine light to flash codes.

theres a 2 pin plug that isnt plugged into anything near the passenger kick panel. jump that and turn the key into the on position, don't start the car. and count the flashes in morse code style remember to include pauses.
ok so i did the jumper and got 8 codes i have a m/t and i got code (5,6,9,14,19,21,22,and 41) any suggestions my set up is D16z6 block, D15b2 tranny, D16a6 intake mani with OBD0 harness with ebay OBD1 conversion harness witch comes with dizzy adaptor, vtec wiring, 02 sensor, and ecu conversion harness running a P28 the (first code 5 is the MAP sensor it is the map off of a D16z6 throttlebody so not sure why that code is up),( the 2nd code 6 is engine collant temp i noticed to coolant temp sensors on the engine but i have only the one in from hooked up becuase not sure where to wire connection is for the one in the back am "i supposed to splice into the one in from and run it to the back?") the( 3rd code 9 NO.1 cylinder position sensor "where the hell is that") the (4th code 14 iac valve will the one on the OBD0 intake work with the OBD1 ecu and engine?) ( 5th code 19 A/T lock up control solenoid "i have a M/T what the hell") (6th code 21 VTec control solenoid) (7th code 22 VTec pressure solenoid) and (8th code 41 heated oxygen sensor heater "WHATS THAT?"
you probably have some switched wires for the map, switch the map and tps. See if that helps, you clear the codes with the fuse pulling.
Codes are usually only thrown when something is wrong.

and the heated o2 sensor is a 4 wire o2 sensor you will need instead of the obd0 1 wire.

I'll do a better breakdown a bit later.
i forgot about this thread..

anyway if your still around if you are getting an AT lockup solenoid code you may have an auto instead of a manual ecu.

pretty much follow the procedure of checking the errors. resetting the ecu. then starting it back up to get any remaining codes.
so i finally got an ecu from a untouched 95 civic p28 manual trans and now all my error codes went away except the a/t lock up solinoid so now any ideas
something is still up. i really don't know, pull the lid off the ecu and verify its a manual.

.:FFS TechNet : OBD-1 ECU Transistor Checking :.

this page has some useful information. If it is an automatic you can convert it to manual.

If it is a manual and still has the code, reset the ecu again and double check the code. If it still has it, I honestly don't know for sure, double check the ecu in another car, as well as your other ecu.