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I just got done building my motor and I would like an ecu to help out. I, wasted all my money on the motor build up. So my question is if I buy a chip off ebay how good will it work. Also, how hard are thay to put in and will it mess up my ecu. THay say that they mock like a skunk2 program how true are thay to this . I know that all these questions will be hard to answer but any help would be great.
thanks Jeremy


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most chips just advance timing and give more fuel...if you want to give your car a little tune for just a little money, invest in a vafc...that way you actually have control over the fuel, and you can just advance timing on your dist.


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ebay anyting is scary..........I always hated Ebay and will till the day I die.........fuck it.

I would go to some reputable place, and not buy a burnt chip from Omgod in southearstern egypt for an ecu upgrade.


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Don't get the Ebay chips! I bought one for my hatch and it turns out the guy gave me the wrong program. Had the chip installed and started the engine up...well after many attempts. My car IDLED at 3000rpm just to stay alive and spued so much fuel it was spitting out my exhaust. If you're going to adjust fuel, just get a VAFC. If you need to change the rev limit for some reason, send it to a reputable reprogramer that knows what they're doing and has worked on hondas before. :rant:


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I actually bought one of these chips and stuck it in my ROM reader out of curiosity. The proggy that was on there was downright dangerous. The timing was absolutely retarded and it would be dumping so much fuel the injectors would be at nearly 100% duty cycle. I would steer clear of these chips.

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i have a burner and eproms if you find the program you want on the chip i will burn it ans ship for like 5 bucks. ( all i have ever doen is used gettodyne to tune my car