Civic Cx Power Steering Question

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My 92 civic hb Cx have no power steering, and i want to add power steering feature to it because i am daily driver, does anybody know how much it would cost to one I am planning to swap the ls motor or b20b to it pretty soon, My question is, once i swap one of these motor in, will there be power steering after, or is it soemthing extra i have to install. Plus... is adding the adjustable steering column possible? if so, how much would it cost.. please answer, anything would help thank you
As for power steering, its not worth it man. unless u have 0 muscles on ur body its just there to take HP and for if your girl drives your car. i think hasport makes a power steering thing for the b18a1, correct me if im wrong people. but the Street column its do able but i have no idea how much it would cost. everything is possible with some $$.
I would have to agree.. B) I twould be a totla waste of time to put power steering in to your cx..I mean if you realy want to save some money but an ex and do the conversion your self.. AS for the colum that would be one to do also..But yeah anything is possible with the cash but wich ever you chose is up to ...good luck....
u would have to swap the complete rack, u can use 92-95 si or ex civic, u can also use any 94+ DC2 integra rack that has power steering and the proper pumps. they dont cost too much (that being a relative term). if u need help locating one PM me.

i run the ITR power steering rack in my cx. no power steering tho :p the rack has alot tighter ratio than the non-power steering one. which means more precision and less free-play with the steering wheel.
a power steering rack will have a tighter ratio than a non-power steering rack. u dont have to turn the steering wheel as much as u would for a non-power steering rack in order to get the same amount of actual tire/wheel movement. the non-power rack needs to be "loser" so it is not as hard to turn the wheel. of coarse a power rack without power assistence is a lot harder to turn than a non-power one.

damn did that make any sense? i hope it did :(