Civic Dies At A Stop

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Senior Member
My buddy has a 99 civic with sohc engine. he has aem intake, fuel regulator, dc header, dc exhaust, my question is, when his car comes to a stop, it will sometimes die, if you push the clutch in prior to stopping it will die, but if you downshift and ride it out to a complete stop it will sometimes idle ok and not die. what could be the problem ?
Is it just completly dieing, or will the revs drop, lights dim, etc? Sound like it's not getting enough fuel, are the intake and fpr installed correctly? I had my aem short ram fucked up, when I put on my full one I actually followed the directions--my car used to die as well at stop lights, signs, etc.
The revs drop and it dies. It is an aem full length intake. It was installed by a shop. What should the fuel pressure be set at ?
i would try resetting the ECU, too. take the fuse out and disconnect the battery for a time. not sure the exact process, sorry. also, yeah, check the idle speed & fuel pressure. is your butterfly valve well lubed and adjusted? is your intake manifold nasty & dirty? try totally cleaning out the intake manifold & butterfly valve, with the car kinda tilted on a hill so the cleaner goo runs out, instead of in, the intake. then, do a total re-adjustment of your throttle cable. If it's a swap, you may not have the right cable(?).

can you tell if the clutch is totally disengaging? after my swap, the clutch started having problems. I think if I had let it go any longer, I probably would have had the same symptoms. My clutch was not disengaging properly... to the point where I would be all the way to a stop, and the engine would bog, meanwhile not letting me shift out of gear. Once the engine died, however, I could shift into 1st, and starting the car let me notice a jerk on the drivetrain and a ½" drop in the clutch pedal, as the engine turning over was forcing the clutch to disengage. I'll try to think of what else it might be.....