Civic door question

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On my 94 cx hatch's doors, it doesn't have that big black stripping in the middle of the door going horizontally like the other civics. But the body is filled in there, meaning there is no holes. Other civics(DX, EX) i've seen that HAD that stripping there but its removed, have holes all along where the stripping was. I only ask because I need to change my passenger side door and i'm interested in buying a door from someone online buts its the one with the big black strip along the side of the door where as my driver side door does not have that. So obviously I want to make it look even & take it off but was wondering if anyone knew if the doors are different and will have holes underneath the stripping in which case i'll just look for a cx style door instead, if its different. THANKS!
simply remove the moulding, weld a tiny metal backplate over the holes, fill with bondo, prim and paint, that's how you shave the mouldings in the first place:p
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i don't think he want to "Shave" them. He just needs a new door.

It's a lot more work and time then you make it seem also.
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I was a bodyman for 2 years and I never saw a difficulty to it... it's alot easier then prepping aftermarket plastic bumpers for paint:/
then you're doing it wrong.

I personally think the best way to shave them would be to weld tiny little strips to strenghten it. Then bondo. Maybe I'm not understandig what you're saying...

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kinda like that. Then the bondo won't crack as easy

With the holes.
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I mean to fill the little dips left where the holes had backing placed over, not to take the entire bodyline out.... and btw, welding little strips in it like that would take forever, and I've never had bondo come out of a shaved handle or moulding yet.

Maybe you don't do it right:/