civic mb6 vti-s parts fit 3 door hatch eg3 chassie

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New Member
Hi there can anyone tell me if the parts off a civic mb6 vti-s which has the b18c4 engine, will swap onto the eg3 chassie would the suspension swap over like the rear trailing arms for a rear disk conversion any ifo would be great:thumbsup:
theres not alot of European guys on here....

I'm sure you'd be hard pressed to find anyone whos even seen a vti-s nevermind anyone who knows what chassis parts are interchangeable

my guess, the trailing arms might work, but the lower control arms are different, front spindles are probably the same...but I'm no expert

<---never seen a vti-s in person
hi mate cheers for the reply it was a stab in dark really, theres lots of the mb6's over here in the uk and there cheap ,just thought i would ask the question cheers