Civic Misc. Stuff For Sale

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Junior Member
92-95 Arospeed Springs (used for about 6 months...2 inch drop) $50 plus shipping.

92-95 Black widow front bumper (BRAND NEW) $200 plus shipping

92-00 ICEMAN Cold Air Intake (used 6 months) $65 plus shipping

92-95 red/clear tail lights (BRAND NEW) $90 plus shipping

99-00 civic SI reverse indiglo gauges $50 plus shipping.

CTR intake cam (BRAND NEW) $300 plus shipping.

If interested email me at


Senior Member
50$ for all 4 springs total or a piece?

hwos the ride on those? im saving up for a good setup but those would be good for a temp setup, get rid of my wheel gap =)


Junior Member
yes they will fit your sol. $50 plus shipping for all four springs. they are in very good condition, the ride is awesome on them, but I got coilovers for xmas and shocks. spring are lowered 2 inches. email me if you are interested