Civic Si 92 With D16a9 Swap -> B16a2

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Dear Sir,

I have read your article in your site, which was perfect and nice; I want to thank you for your helps, also the way you share your information freely,

Really, I have a Civic Si 92 I have a engine problem, My engine code is D16A9 as I have read on my engine block, I have not found any Civic SI 92 with that engine code on the net (for Si 92), now I want to change my engine, to a B16A2 VTEC-DOHC, I want to know that is it possible or not?, if not what else I can do,

Also I know that I should change my gear box (transy) and computer kit, (ECU)

Is there any thing else?

D16A9 is:

4 cyl, 16 valve
9.6:1 c.r.
137 bhp @ 6800
Redline: 7200 rpm
108 lb-ft @ 5700

Thank you so much,

Shafagh Zandi

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D16A9 is the old teg motor,you can swap a B16A siRII into it no problem,but the B16A2 from the 99-00 si is going to be a little more work,with the OBD and all.You will definitly need to swap your tranny and ECU also.