Clutch Adjustment

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I just got my b16 in the crx, started up, but the clutch cable is not right, pedal is VERY easy to press in, like no spring back on the pedal, is there a way to adjust it? Ive tried adjusting it on the trans with the cable adjuster and it does not help at all.
if u already adjusted the knob that twists by the tranny..then more than likely its your clutch itself..cus anytime u adjust that knob,your clutch is gonna get looser or tighter,and being that it didnt help..its probably your clutch.
The clutch it brand new excedy stage 1 clutch w/ new t/o bearing and pilot bearing, along with the pressure plate, but it acts as though there is no springback action on the clutch, are there springs back near the actual clutch pedal?
the clutch travel is fine on the actual transmission with the engage/disengage but grinds when i try to put it in gear, is there anything to check on the linkage?


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I had that problem with the first tranny in my swap.
check your oil level in the tranny.
your going to have to adjust your clutch a little more