Clutch Problems

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I need help!! The other day I tried to drive my '90 Prelude to work and my clutch didn't work at all!! I checked under the hood and found that my reservior was empty. I obviously have a leak somewhere. I topped it up with fluid and now it works again but it is slowly leaking.

Once I find the leak and replace the line, I have to bleed my system, but I don't know how. I've never done anything with a clutch before. Can anybody give me the basic steps to bleeding a clutch. Is it the same as brakes?

Also, I'm having problems locating performance parts, and asthetic parts for my car. Things like headers, exhaust, gauges, short shifters lowering springs etc. If you can give me the name of some companies that DO carry stuff for my car it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanx to all those who help me.
first of all if you have a leak your probably going to have to replace the hard line that take the fluid to the master cylinder if thats where it is leaking whatever once you replace whats leaking you need a friend friend in car pump clutch then holds the clutch to the floor and there is a little nozzle on the master cylinder open it and close it 8m openend wrench then repeat and dont for get to add fluid as you drain it while bleeding the system then your done oh yeah your done when bubbles of air stop coming out while your bleeding the system
So it is the same as bleeding brakes then. Cool. I can do that. Thanks for the help guy.