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when installing coilover springs. do you have to remove the spring perch?
You need to disassemble the whole strut. Remove the spring and then put the springs on. Then bolt everything back together and in the car! Just make sure you cut your bump stops in half!
Originally posted by knowledge@Oct 30 2002, 06:02 AM
Just make sure you cut your bump stops in half!

Those yellow things, why do you have to cut them in half? I am putting new ones on today. I putting on skunk2, I have goldline on there now and they suck ass.
If you're lowered, you want to cut the bump stops so you regain some suspension travel. Civic have tons of space inside the wheel wells, and it's a shame to be bouncing off your bump stops when you still have space to compress...
The perch? Sometimes you have to move it, sometimes you don't... it depends on the installation and what parts are provided. You'll typically need to transfer it to the new shock setup though.
I have kyb agx adj. ... I guess I will just see how the installation goes and if the perches need removing, then I'll remove them.
Cool. Just go for it- it's not that hard... just takes a long time.
I wouldn't cut them anything less than 1/4th the original! If it got any thinner than this and your shock bottomed out too hard! CRIZZZZACK! then you will crack and blow ya shock!
word i blew the hell out of my stoppers cause i blew my stock shocks at a 3 and a half in drop
I lowered my car 3 3/4" and I blew my shocks to hell. Getting KYBs in a couple weeks, if cash flow is better, Koni Yellows.