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i came upon some Skunk2 coilovers for $90.. its for the 92+ civics and the 94+ integras.. i asked the guy if it would fit a 92 integra and he said yes with confidence.. he even reassured me several times.. so will it fit? or is this guy just desparate to get ride of his, could be stolen goodies, or is he telling the truth?
what about generic brands instead of skunk2s? like ractive or some shit? or should i go with springs? people tell me springs ride better than coilvers even with shocks..
if its the same part its the same part....
dont bother with no name shitty ass cheap brands ... you are wasting your money and would be better off with stock stuff... as far as fixed springs vs adjustable springs thats up to you ... the true benefit of adjustables is the ability to be corner balanced... if this is not something you plan to do then just get fixed springs... and good adjustables will ride just as well as good fixed springs
if you buy shit you get shit