Collect Strange Things ?

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Figure this hasnt been covered yet... Anyone Collect Weird Shiet ? I have a newfound love of collecting Vintage Star Trek figures I JUST bought this COMPLETE! Set of 1970 Mego 8' set and some display stands, will cover my Star Wars and Hot Wheels collection later , I also collect vintage dohc dseries stuff but thats a different story lol
Every concert I go to I buy a shirt, I've got a small collection going.
They all kinda look much darker skin tone than they should be.

Btw my father has every episode of TNG on VHS lol. Rediculous considering he no longer has a VCR.
lol noice , ive seen all of the original series and next generation multiple times and a hunk into voyager, but shiet thats a big set of VHS's lol considering they are all at least a hour a pop , and probably my phone with the skin tone it seems to be as dark as every other one ive seen online including boxed but same note they are also almost 50 years old lol
Captains Log:
Stardate 94863.68

We have teleported down to a planet that might be a future version of Earth.
This planet may be inhabited by giants as everything appears to be massively over-scale by approximately 7:1.
Another curious feature is that we, along with everything else, seems to be upside down, as if we have landed in Australia.
ok splurged some more.. dam it, bought matching 70s batman and joker mego figures like my star trek ones, and 1994 mego Picard and Data
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yea I need to start doing that, idk I hit a spot where my only debt is the business and my car I was broke soooo many years its like treat yoself
On this episode of my strange addictions lol Data and Picard came in today along with the stands, yes Mr.Scott is missing his pants they will be here tomorrow , and shot down in the man cave at a sliver of my hot wheels/misc collection