Coming Soon to an RSX in My Driveway...

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Recently picked up a long overdue forward lighting upgrade!

The low beam (outer) reflector bowls have been retrofitted with Morimoto 8.0 bi-xenon projectors and finished with "Iris" style shrouds (clean and simple). I've got a 6K Morimoto HID system to go with the projectors and a relay harness for an easy, plug-and-play install (hopefully). The white pieces running along the bottom edge of the housings are switchback LED strips. They will be combo DRL/ turn signals like all the newer vehicles have, constant white for the DRL and then orange "sequential" blinking when the turn signal is on. These will require a bit of wire splicing, but nothing complicated. Just need to find an ignition-powered 12v source and then tap the turn signal bulb's power and ground.

Should give the car a nice, modern lighting aesthetic while avoiding the "off-the-shelf" cheap ass Ebay aftermarket headlight look. Hopefully I'll be able to install these soon but I have a feeling we're not done with the shitty weather quite yet...

Retrofits 01.jpg

Retrofits 03.jpg

Retrofits 10.jpg
Nice! There's no capacitor thinggee? I forget what it's called, but a lot of retrofit hid kits have it.
Nice! There's no capacitor thinggee? I forget what it's called, but a lot of retrofit hid kits have it.

Oh, there is. I have everything for a proper install...

HID Kit.jpg

HID Ballast.jpg

HID Bulb.jpg

Morimoto's stuff is REALLY nice. Not cheap, but definitely high quality compared to some of the other kits I've seen.

Those two little wires coming out of the back of the projectors are for the high beam function. They get plugged in to the factory high beam socket. I haven't decided what to do with the factory high beams yet. Might just take the bulbs out and cap off the back. There's a small #194 parking light bulb that pokes down in to the high beam bowls, so they will still serve a purpose even if the high beam bulbs are gone. Alternatively, I can buy or make a splitter harness so that the factory high beams can still function in addition to the projector high beam function. If I do that, I'll probably get 6000k LED bulbs to match the color hue of the HID's.

I was also thinking about buying a cheapo HID relay harness from eBay and hacking it up to create a relay harness for the DRL/ turn signal strips. Most people tap the aforementioned parking lights to power switchback accessories, but with a relay I can power them off of the battery and run a trigger wire to the ignition fuse so that the DRL's are always on when the car is running versus being tied to some other lighting circuit.
And on a different note, these arrived yesterday too!

H&R Spacers.jpg

Spacers 01.jpg

Spacers 02.jpg

Spacers 03.jpg

I'm planning on aftermarket wheels eventually, but these will at least make the stocks more flush for now. I'm also looking at upgrading to TL Type-S Brembo calipers and discs, so the extra clearance would be required.
nice! Excited to see the install!

Yep, my plan is to document and do a DIY for a super clean HID install. Just need the weather to improve a bit. Also, I need both of my headlights back! I noticed that one of them had broken mounting tabs (which likely happened in transit), so that one is in transit back to New Jersey to get a new housing put on.
Sweet. Wanna do a proper HID retrofit on the Frontier, so curious to see how yours goes.
So, because apparently I like to piss away money, I actually ordered another set of headlights from a different shop and I'm going to put the other ones up for sale. Probably should have just gone with this guy in the first place since he started out as and he's literally done HUNDREDS of RSX-specific retrofits at this point. I haven't received the lights yet, but here's the finished product:

I decided that the shrouds on the other set were just too plain-looking, so I went with the "Apollo" style shrouds for these to add a bit more style without going overboard on something really gaudy-looking (which some of the available shrouds are). Also, I had them do what's called a passive "demon eye" effect. The inside of the projector is painted red, so it will appear to have a slight reddish tint when not in use. You can also do an active demon eye where the projector is actually lit by a small LED, but I passed on that. Not trying to build a show car here.

Currently I'm gathering various bits and pieces for the install. I'll probably start an official project thread when I actually get started.

EDIT: Wow, I didn't realize we could embed Facebook posts!
Sooo... I haven't updated this for a minute.

I've had regular visits from a male caller recently...

...the UPS man.

Picked up this race header from PLM (some assembly required):

Header 01.jpg

The reviews on this say that it makes great power but fitment can be a bit spotty. We'll see how it goes. Would love to have a nice JDM header (Invidia, Toda, etc.), but it's slim pickings for RSX bros these days.

Got some suspension goodies/bling (Progress 24mm rear sway and tie bar/subframe brace + Skunk2 LCAs):

Sway Bar + LCAs.jpg

And today's delivery, some nice shiny (and stiff) stuff from the sunny state of Arizona:

Mounts 01.jpg

Mounts 02.jpg
Freakin nice!!!! I miss my RSX

Thanks! Yeah, I remember your RSX. RIP. It left this world too soon. ☹️

nice parts!

Thank you!

The plan is to get the mounts and header in ASAP and then do a dyno tune just to see where I'm at with I/H/E. Looking towards a supercharger eventually.

I should probably start an actual thread for this car in the auto multimedia section...
Great parts that you have here. Have you managed to install the lights?




These are remanufactured 4-piston Brembos from an 04-08 TL Type-S. They're powdercoated and modified to fit the DC5 knuckles. I have StopTech rotors, pads, and stainless lines on the way also.
Ha! Yes, it is going that way. The only thing I've done recently is install the Progress sway bar and brace. Hopefully over the holiday weekend I will get some work done. Just moved in to my new place and I need to get the garage set up and cleaned out.