Coming Soon to an RSX in My Driveway...

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The rest of it arrived a few minutes ago, actually. The drilled and slotted rotors are overkill for sure, but the idea is to build a balanced street car that touches on every area. A little bit of bling is okay.

Rotors Pads Lines.jpg
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Updates on the RSX...

This thing had been sitting on jack stands since October. I was having trouble getting the PLM header and the Invidia catback to fit together, so I took a break from messing with it...and then it got cold and I got lazy. Finally found some motivation to work on it again about a month ago and still couldn't get it all together to my satisfaction, so I ended up ordering a different header. The new header fits great and bolted up to the exhaust easily. I finally got it down on the ground again last night and took it for a spin. Definitely needs a tuning session, but the butt dyno says the header makes a nice difference and the whole setup sounds exactly like I hoped it would (that being, not ricey).

I don't know what the deal with the PLM header was...maybe I just got a defective one or maybe they all fit like crap, but I don't recommend it, at least not for the DC5 chassis and combined with the Invidia Q300 exhaust. The new header came from Danny Tran Racing. It's a copy of the old $1000+ SSR header, but...ya know...a little more cheaply made and thus, cheaper. Hopefully it holds up all right but I'm very satisfied for now.

Actual build thread with future plans coming soon.
Oh she prob moves a bit more. Good power.

Yeah, the tune definitely made a difference. It also helped with stoplight-to-stoplight. The K20Z is a great motor but it's also a stereotypical Honda engine...gutless at lower RPMS. The tune gives it a little help in the midrange before the ol' VTAK kicks.