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:thumbsup: rep'd

should be stickied..
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Sonofa...I have to spread my kayak around more. Anywho, I'm printing this sucker out...on company ink. :D Though I have only read half of it, it looks GREAT, Matt. Thanks. :thumbsup:
Thanks, Luis. I will be revising it as I remember little bits and pieces that held me up in my build.
Awesome man. I look forward to the revised version. Though I've been busy with work and toggling back and forth between posts, I did print out version 1.0 and will be checking out when I get a second. I'm a freakin' multi-tasking FOOL! :D
At an internship, I was "asked", "what is this.... Honda We found it in the history of your computer.?.?" Wooops.

But great write up. Repped.
Added a piece on Static Compression VS Effective Compression, includes a link to an older thread in the tech section.

Thanks for the :thumbsup: everyone
Great infomation, well done, thanks for spending your time on this write up...