Composate HG VS. Metal HG

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West West Yall
I did a Mini-Me, D16A6 block D16Z6 head, on my 1991 Si and I re-used the metal composate headgasket. I devolped a small oil leak probably because its a used headgasket. I was going to replace the headgasket anyway.

My question is what is better to put back in it? A D16A6 metal composate headgasket or a D16Z6 3 layer metal headgasket.

My understanding is a metal composate gasket will fill in micro-inperfections better.
The MLS one is much better due to easier clean-up. The should seal just fine. The MLS is also a little thinner which can help bump compression a tad bit.
LOL it seems that's true. The used headgasket I have in it right now is a Fel-Pro and I have balanced compression and everything. It probably wouldn't leak oil if I was more careful taking the old head off.