Comprehensive Complete Directions B16a Crx Swap

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ok y'all, I know that there has to be a post with the info I am asking for, but everytime I put the following info in the search I get an error:
all possible combinations of the previous words were used.
and if I enter some bs like:
beans, or bike, the search engine works. (WTF?)

need a comprehensive step by step directions for my swap, and I need a COMPLETE parts list for the swap. I am swapping a b16a1 into a 90 CRX with dual point fuel injection. I know it is out there, but weeding through all the bs posts about running with a z28 with a stock 1.5L is making me pull my hair out.

I already have the azrace billet mounts and the b16 is on the way, but I need to get things like a timing belt, water pump, and clutch.
I would like a solid street clutch that don't cost $350.00

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