compression ratio?

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How much more horsepower gain can I get with higher compression on the Cr-vtec compare to running it the stock's low comp. ratio at 8.8? I'm planning to get 10.5. comp. ratio piston w/ eagle rods! The only added power as of now is AEM CAI, custom piping exhaust w/ Apexi N1, and ACT extreme clutch. Everything else will be stock for the time being.
Are you rebuilding this motor? or just plain on throwin new pistons and rings in a used motor ? If your rebuilding I say go with the the new high compression pistons and some head work to make it worth while. other than that. raising your compression with out changing other components that work along with it like cams, port & polished head, intake etc.. it just won't be worth the time and energy. I'd look elsewhere if only changing the compression ratio is your main goal.

Compression ratio is a cubed root function. you'll notice diddly squat compaired to other thaings you can spend money on.

take a look at this article it'll help explain alot.Compression Ratio explained
nice shameless plug Dennis! :)

You will notice a huge difference with 10.5:1 over 8.8:1 compression...