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isn't fast or furious
So i ran a compression test on the sol today, im not exactly surprised with the results but here they are (D15B w/ 217xxx miles)

cyl 1 - 145 psi
cyl 2 - 175 psi
cyl 3 - 130 psi
cyl 4 - 178 psi

i havent bothered looking for a spec, but i have a fairly noisy valvetrain but i adjusted it to spec by the book and then I took it to have it adjusted after it not getting any better, and the timing is set correctly, any thoughts?
well the engine has 217xxx miles so i assumed the comp would be low, but the general spec is about 10psi variance. I really dont want to go into the head and get new valves / springs.

but there is no loss in power, the valves are just really loud.
my car has 208xxx on it and my compression is no where near that bad..
it has like 180,180,175,180.
and i have frm sleeves, which are suppose to eat the shit out of rings.
you may have a problem..
i think your valves might be fucked up.
CLT is next

soon as i can get some time. My rings are fine, if there is a problem its going to be a valve issue, and since adjustment is in spec im assuming its bent/chipped/cracked/seats/ect
your valves might be worn to shit which would make the margin hella thin which would result in the valves not seating well which would probably result in the loss of compression.
get a y7 head and wake that 1.5 up it sure did mine. You are probaly correct about the valve issue my sol had almost no compression on number 3 for a chipped valve so i replaced the whole head with a y7 head and it made a huge improvement in the way it performed but be ware. doing this head sway rais compression to 10-10.5 depending on the gasket you use