Compressor Noise

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New Member
I just refill the compressor with freon, blows cold havnt had AC in years, but every since yest when I crank the engine the noise is coming from the compressor, but when I turn on the compressor the noise goes away. Not sure what it is, but i want to have an idea before I start buying things. Any suggestions?, I would think its just a belt replacement.
it's probably the bearing in the compressor pulley. when you turn your A/C on, it makes the pulley lock up, turning the compressor. so as soon as that pulley gets power, the bearing that lets it idle when not powered stops turning.

if you want to see what i'm talking about, have a friend sit in the car while idling, look at the A/C compressor pulley, then have him turn your A/C on. you'll see the inner pulley lock to the outer ring. hard to describe, but will make sense once you see it.
any way in repairing the bearings? or have to get a new compressor, its blowing cold my option is just to run it and deal with the noise. Any suggestions?