Confused buy Store Clerk. (Need Help)

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whats up. i went to this performance store today to buy a short shifter. I asked for skunk2 because i heard that they make good stuff. (Can anyone tell me if the skunk2 short shifter is good and worth buying or is there better) The clerk tells me...oh skunk2 isnt good, here buy STR short shifter...they are the best. Im thinking alright ill be back and then ill tell u what i want. I looked up on the net right now for reviews on products and i heard that STR short shifter breaks easily. (Can anyone second that?) Anyways i turn to my buddys here at hondaswap forums for advice. Can u guys help me out. What short shifter should i go with?
I'll say Skunk2, he was probably just saying STR to his advantage (lots in stock, more expensive, etc) I've never heard of Skunk2 SS's breaking...A lot of shops tell you what you want to hear, If you say "I heared (insert bullshit here)" 90% of the time they will agree with you. As for as I know Skunk2 is good.

He has it here for 105.00, tell him your from Hondaswap, and he'll give you a discount.
I just put the skunk2 short shifter in my car. Pretty nice no problems so far. I recommend it. Does that price include shipping?
thanks, i dunno if it includes shipping, but it probably doesnt.
anyways ill probably go wit skunk2, if there is anyone else out there with skunk2 ill like to hear from u, if anyone else has any other short shifter ill like to hear from u and no the pro and cons of ur SS.
I paid $85 for my shifter. Not trying to start trouble just thought youd like to know.
I live in New York, the store is in flushing(queens). They dont have a website or anything. But if your from NY the name of the store is full throttle.
alright thanks, by the way how much does the skunk2 shifter reduce throw...the DC shifter is suppose to reduce by does the skunk2 compare
skunk2 is 35% i think, retains stock height... i have one and i love it... very strong wont break :)
the DC shifter is cheap crap much like almost everything else they make.... get the Skunk2... the only reason your store wants you to get STR is because its his inhouse brand, and he probly makes more money on it... when i was into car audio i cant even tell you how many times ive gone into a store looking for a specific high quality item and the dipshit behind the counter tried talking me into the POS brand that the store caried telling me it was better... moral of the story... if you dont trust the person at the store very much dont llisten to a word they say
heres a pic of a broken STR shifter after 7 months of (relatively easy) use... 1 month after the 6 month waranty ran out

cheap materials =