Conquest/Starion turbo question

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Thanks Knowledge for the suggestion. At least your feedback is something useful and not just put downs. I will take a look inside the pipe now that everything is taken apart. I'm not here posting cause I know it all. I'm hear learning just like every other newbie. Thanks again.
N/P yo. Just here to help on the issues I know answers to! Thats what it's all about. Not putting people down for what they are doing. Just about everyone looks down on me cause I am boosting a D-series. But everyone wants to spend $5000 on a (stock) ITR and I will still be beating them with the boosted D-series. I ain't putting them down I am on a budget and look at things differently.
Hey Knowledge, how much work have you done to your SOHC and what are you boosting? I'm on a budget too and still don't know if I should keep my SOHC vtec or go ahead and get a swap. Is it really worth building the single cam engines?
As for you wondering to swap or to keep the SOHC while on a budget... Follow this link to this forum. Look at what Calesta says towards the bottom!
As for the work on my D16Z6. As it sits right now... Stock motor except for the AEM cai and the Greddy EVo catback, and my bored out TB. I already have the Greddy turbo kit, Greddy FMIC kit, Random Technology high flow cat, Greddy turbo timer, Greddy TYPE-S BOV, 3 pod pillar for A/F, Boost, Oil Pressure guages on order. I already have my full suspension modded besides the bushing kit done. Front brakes are power stop rotors w/ AEM brake pads. I just need to do the rear conversion and my brakes will be done except for the steel braided lines. I built the platform up 1st for boost. Well now it's time!
Also, PVC stands for POLYVINYL CHLORIDE. That's many-vinyl single chlorine. When PVC burns, it releases chlorine and whatever gases are held in vinyl into your intake stream..not good..
Hey knowledge, I checked the inside of the pipe and it's okay, that doesn't mean I'm gonna keep on using it though. I did bolt the t3/t4. I get lag but when It starts spooling it starts pulling. It doesn't pull as hard as my other turbo at the launch but hopefully it will pull harder in the high end of the higher gears. :D