convo of the day

**talking about AAA**

pissedoffsol: my parents got it for me for x-mass
pissedoffsol: they were like, your 240 is a POS here
iRomeo256: haha!! dude, when that thing breaks down, it breaks down :-(
pissedoffsol: if it brakes down, ist getting RB25'ified
iRomeo256: i mean, if the alt/starter goes, its a few hour project for each :-(
pissedoffsol: yeah, and its going to be swapped instead
iRomeo256: well brie doesnt have that option, but the car is running MINT
iRomeo256: as long as she doesnt slam into something between now and drifto
iRomeo256: it runs better than the mirage... :-(
pissedoffsol: if she wrecks that car, im going to be pissed
iRomeo256: ill be pissed!!
pissedoffsol: haha
iRomeo256: if she wrecks that car before drift, ill dump her and make her pay the hundred bucks i spent
iRomeo256: ive put way too many weekends into that car
iRomeo256: and ive neglected my baby :-(

there we have it folks.

car > GF's :)


her car is my previously owned 240sx...

my baby is the mirage... :lol: i freaked when she destroyed the perfect hood it had. my car had only 1 small dent under the passenger side taillight when i bought it.


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Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Mar 18 2004, 09:29 AM
car > GF's :)

I have no problem with that statement... my car > BF's for me too! :) So actually it should be a more universal rule:

car > all significant other's :thumbsup:



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awww.... cars > bf/gf/wife/husband

;) i've always loved my car... no matter how much that bitch would break, piss me off, or whatever... she would still get me where i had to go... and fast (while she was running well) i call my car a lot of things... ;) and sometimes it seems i love her 'too' much, but i don't care.... hehe, so i know how he feels... plus, his girl deserves to be demoted for a while... letting people drive his baby and fuck shit up... :p


aww misti you are such a sweetheart!

but i guess its true between sabrina and i, opposites attract. and we are COMPLETE opposites.... :( but i care about her and shes been in my life for nearly 2 years....


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I should get my wife into autocross, she is a REALLY good driver, growing up in the sticks of Germany will do that to you I guess.


Thank you for your business.
haha I just love how thats worded... Japanese domestic wives >>> US domestic wives.



Originally posted by Slammed90Lude@Mar 19 2004, 01:37 AM
oh god, i wanna watch- but what i would really like to see is my girl autocross


well, we've already seen her in carting action. :)