coolant temp sensor

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New Member
when i unhook the coolant temp sensor my d16z6 idels perfect so question if i unhook it a drive aroung will that cause my car to overheatjust til i get the new sensor
well idel jumps again so i unhooked iac valve and that fixed it so i am going to clean it and that try it anyone know how to clean it or can i just wash it with out soap
iam not 100% but i would use a contact cleaner you can getit at any autoparts store. rep. it if that helps at all. but your best bet would be going to a junk yard and pulling one off.
for an iacv ebay is the best place. I used brake fluid to clean mine out, blow it out with a compressor and it's good. I don't know if you can replace the screen that is in there but it looks like one from my bong will fit.
well i replaced the iacv and the idel still jumps so heres the question im using a d16a6 mani does the z6 have a iac valve and if so where is it located is it on the z6 mani as well because when i drive without it hooked up it drives fine just jerks alot in look rpms like it has alot of power