Cory's Crvtec Specs

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i will have pictures soon...and here is what his motor consists of.

overall cost, 10,000 dollars.

resleeved, displacement is around 2.1 liters...good for about 300-320hp (we're guessing)
brand new honda crank
custom rods
custom je pistons yielding 15.5:1 compression
custom intake manifold made by (cory's dad)
70mm throttle body

this motor will rev to 12,000rpm.
will need to be rebuilt every 20 passes or so...bearing clearances need to be checked more routinely than that...

transmission will be an s1, with a spool. 3puck act clutch..etc

looking at this motor, built by south florida performance its amazing...the port and polish the head received is amazing...and looking down at the pistons it looks like there is barely any clearance for the spark plugs.

overall, a badass motor!

i will have pics soon.