Could This Site Get Any Gayer?

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they didn't steal anything.... they just freakin link it- but call ti their own


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Here is a list of how-to's, DIY's, and various installation procedures. There's also some useful info on tech procedures. All of the links are from other websites, and all of the procedures are done at your own risk! If you want to submit a mod or tech procedure, submit it here.

Maybe they just added that and took out HS links because I couldn't find any.


i cliked four links and i didnt see any evidence of linking......

maybe i didnt click the right ones?


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i clicked on EG tech and it opened up a K20 install page. that site is going on my "gay-as-hell-don't-ever-click-on-it" list.


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That's pretty lame,half the links are to the wrong place and they are all to somewhere else. :ph34r:


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Yes, I too indeed clicked on the coilover link. Suprisingly I have never tried bolting coilovers to the exaust ports on my block. That must be new.


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Alot of thier links are messed up . they need to do their own damn work instead of taking everyone elses instructions and they neeed to fix their links.