COVID Stimulus and tax law changes, unemployment

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So an update for those wondering. The IRS says about 80 million of 150 million payments went out.
They now have a tool called Where's my Payment, that seems about worthless. There is a message "Unable to determine if you are eligible" or similar wording that is sort of a catch all for anything that might have prevented the payment, if they tried to issue it.
They are only updating that system once a day, and it keeps crashing.
Of all the clients that called me about this, only one single client was able to actually enter some verifying information and then enter a routing and account number. That client had direct DEBIT attached to the 2018 and 2019 returns (owed money).
We are currently not sure if the IRS will only direct deposit if they previously had authorization to deposit money. I had previously assuming if there was any bank information attached to the return it would be good to go.

Interested to hear anyone's experiences with this, or try to answer any questions any of your have.
Good luck!
pretty sure last year was the first year we used that joint account on our taxes (first year filing married) and we got a refund. got our payment a few days back.
we filed in february, got our federal refund and paid into the state. this week we received our stimulus to the tune of 2900.

my unemployment of 10 hours for 3 weeks is over although i only got paid for 2 of those weeks :shrug2: the whole thing is a fuckup. i received $600 extra on one check and then my next check was only $32. i let them take the tax out .

now i'm 40 hours again so i guess it doesnt matter. not until next tax time.
I owed the most I've owed this year.. ~$2k. No stimulus but I genuinely don't need it.. when are they supposed to have all the stimulus checks rolled out?
Direct deposit hopefully in the next week or 2.
Mailed checks have a timeline of April to September, using lowest income levels first, which makes sense.