Crower ls/t cams vs stock b18b

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thats actually a shadow of the box that i took the pics on or the scale from weighing my wheels that was behind it. lol
no vtec lobes y0
Yeah I know- just a shadow.. but it does kinda look like a stray VTEC lobe.

for you, i def say specb's... shit maybe even consider spec Cs
Hmm. Dunno about that lopey idle though... but I might be able to deal with it. I just have to experience a set in someone's car first.
its not NEARLY as bad as people make it out to be.. they are not cut like a v8 cam at 330 degrees dude!!

you will NOTICE it, but your car wont be like

dup dup da da dup dup da da duppidty dup da da dup dipityy dup da da dupp

Yeah I know- I've been looking up a bunch of reviews online, but most seem to place the Jun3/Skunk2-3 right next to the Toda B in terms of output on a dyno chart... and I haven't seen any good comparisons with the Spec Cs.
ya, that lift is nice on those cams :) hey cal, i heard toda has come out with a spec D, the are supposed to be pretty nuts... :)