CRX dizzy problems

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The car is an 89 HF with a 91 Si swap. A little over a year ago I got a new dizzy from distributor king. I havn't driven the car much and it has maybe 900-1200 miles on it with the new distributor. Now every so often it'll throw a 4 and a 9 codes, which I was told was the crankshaft position sensor and cylinder position sensor. It bogs and sputters with low load and little throttle, runs very nicely from 2000-3000rpm, then hits rev limit at around 3500. I was told this was honda's idea of a limp mode.

I do not have any receipts or proof of purchase from distributor king and it was probably around 14-15 months ago when I bought it. My friend borrowed the coil out of it at one point and lost one of the terminal screws on it so I stole a small screw from my angle grinder and it works fine, but it's ovbiosly not the right screw.

Will they still cover it under warranty even through it's been mildly tampered with?


It was running horrible when I put the motor back in the car, so I checked the cam timing and it was 1 tooth off. Fixed that and it ran pretty good for maybe a month until now. It runs the same as it did right after that, until the cel comes on with a 4 and it goes into limp mode. With just a 9 it still runs fine. I would think being 2 teeth off would have some kind of piston/valve problems.

I'll try checking the cam timing again, but if it's ok do you think they'd take it back?


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Be careful with that Distributor, Eugene...

The keys on the end of the input shaft snap off with finger pressure. It's horrendous, but that's why my D15 blows through them so quickly. While this isn't my case, I understand that when the vacuum advances hard (like in my EW4 CRX) these keys take a lot of abuse. Remove the distributor and check it out. My Civic ran for 40 or so miles the last time it broke, because the rough part of the broken steel was enough to hold it in place until it finally shit the bed.

-> Steve


Celerity, my name isn't eugene and as far as I know, honda stopped using the vacuum advance dizzies on crxs in 87. :blink:

pissedoffsol was right, :worthy: I just messed with the cam timing again and it has never run better. Smooth idle, much smoother powerband, faster revving, quieter.

I hate junkyard engines and their broken/worn off timing marks.

honda > me

EDIT: Ran great for about 45-50 miles, then went back into limp mode, even worse this time. No power at all and a 3k redline. There's a lot of hills in my area and it took me forever to get the damn thing home. I'm sending the dizzy back under warrenty.