Crx For Sale

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I'm from Milwaukee,WI and I got a 1991 Honda Crx Hf for sale..

I'm asking $1,200 firm for the Crx...the body is in good condition...but has no motor...its a 1991 Honda Crx Hf, a brand new buddyclub bodykit..never mounted (buddyclub front, buddyclub side skirts, and feels rear), gsr flywheel, b-series starter, b-series shift linkage, another set of Crx Taillights, (2) obd-1 wire harness, gsr armrest, hi-flo racing cat, LS spindles, Crx radiator, gsr termostat housing, Crx main relay, LS rear tranny bracket, misc mounts, LS ECU, HF ECU, DX ECU, and a 1995 LS Head (Complete without Intake manifold, injectors, fuel rail and distributor)...


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