crx heater controls (ANOTHER SET)

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Originally posted by formby@Jul 15 2005, 06:36 PM
ebay said it was sold
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Well.....yeah. it's the 15th now!!!

Check the posted date. :blink:
Ok, here's your lucky chance. I just got hold of another one of these. Almost MINT. Best condition I've had yet.

Looking for offers. Postage costs will be just what it costs me.

Or, I'll happily trade for what have you.

Try me.

If I get no offers this weekend, it'll be ebay again.
Originally posted by wickedplastikman@Jul 17 2005, 07:20 PM
does it have the a/c button? what year?
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No, but if yours has the ac button, this is mint and the ac button fits right in there. It has the electronics plug for the back of it too. It's identical to this one.

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