Crx obdo header sensor re-location??

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Hi i have just had a dc 421 header installed on my 91 crx obdo, and it had 2 sensors on the header close to the top( on the 4 branch). Anyway i relocated them to the bottom of the header just after the manifold branches into 1 pipe. my car keeps bogging and revs keep dying till the car switches off. I pulled the plugs and they were wet with fuel? should the relocation have caused the problem or is it a faulty sensor? or is it something else?? :(
any help would be appreciated.
2 oxy sensors?? you have a B16 right??

when i bought a header for my 91 hatch w/ LS i had to move the sensor towards tha cat, i havent noticed any problems
what could this be, why is the car bogging and dying off the only thing i have done is relocated the sensors and extended the socket down towards the cat and the cars rev just dont go up and it runs extremly rich.
any help would be appreciated


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because 1 o2 is deisgned to read on the exhaust pulses of 2 cyls, and the other is designed to read off the other two.
when it gets a CONSTANT pulse in the down pipe after the merge, it doesn't know what to do, so it throws all kinds of random fuel and ignition timing in at you, and makes your idel and pwoer go nuts.

read the link above, and do as i instruct there.

if you don't, you will continue to have this problem.

same goes for the other 2 guys. "splicing" MAY appear to work, but i geuarnatee you aren't making all the power you should be.