CRX RUST, need quarter panel parts.

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Well, I need advise. My CRX has the quarter panel rust that just about every other crx has.. I got rid of it once, but the repair failed. Last time I removed all of the rust, then treated the area with that "royal jelly" or whatever you call it, then built up several layers of fiberglass. It worked for a short amount of time..

Anyway, next I'm going to try to weld in metal from another CRX. Anyone have a CRX with a smashed front end? I need the quarter panel areas circled below from it.


Any other suggestions would be great.


I am probably going to switch my front end back to stock and add a mugen/WW kit to the car, so the rust in front of the wheel well won't be a huge deal. I can stop the rust there, patch it up, and cover it with the kit.
the wings west kit is definately clutch for that lower area in front of the wheel

how bad is your rust in the rear of the wheel?

i used 90-93 accord fenders to remake my quarters...

you just cut the front corner off the passenger fender, flip it and weld it into the drivers side quarter behind the wheel

remakes the curve and corner perfectly...

otherwise look into keystone or someother replacement parts place...
chances of finding non-rusted quarters are slim for the crx's