Crx Si Engine?

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i was tinkin bout swapping my 89 crx hf to an si i was wondering of it would be worth it, like if i could get the engine for a few hundred and planning on rebuilding it for boost, good idea and this is on a minimum wage budge so no gsr or h22
I personally don't think it's worth it. It's gonna take you a lot of years to save up on minimum wage for boost anyways, so you might as well start off with a better platform for boost. You can have a B18A complete for probably around $1200 (if you install it yourself), which isn't all that much, and you'll already have a 140/130 base which seems like it was built for boost. Don't go wasting your money on another D block now, especially if you aren't making a whole lot of money. Just be patient and save.
......just bought it today but only for one bill, and thas with computer chip, long block and tranny. And i don't spend my money on n e thing else so it shouldn't be too hard, wut should i do to it first? cuz i'm rebuilding the WHOLE engine for boost.