Crx With Intergra Front Conversion

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damn that looks real straight on that car. Hella clean almost like jdm integra headlights but 90-93 is just as clean.
Almost like 1pc. crx headlights. Clean and simple, the way to go...
Originally posted by ovcrash@Feb 16 2003, 01:54 AM
they make 1pc clear headlights for 91 crx's ?????

They are JDM headlamps.. around ~200 or so for the pair used, IF you can find some, seeing as the cars are so old.
i dont have a rex but i did do that 90-93 integ conversion on my EF back in the day also with supra tails.... ahhh the regrets i made 5 years ago.... but yeah i think it does look clean on rex's and EFs :)
one of the nicer conversions done to a rex. i've seen a car down in so cal with a ek front on a rex.. talk about gay... :blink:
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