D series ITB?


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i cant find an ITB D series manifold? i seen a guy on homemadeturbo.com made one for a B series, would it even be worth it on minime? jw


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I have seen it on a d-series, but you will have to make them yourself most likely.

On honda-tech in the allmotor forum, there is a 6 page thread on people showing off their ITB's. There was one or 2 d-series in there.


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I've seen some people make them from motorcycle ITB's using a D series IM flange. Once I saw someone sellling these also, on Honda -Tech too I think.


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will it even give me any HP? what are the benefits of getting one? and what would i have to do extra because i know i would have to get an upgraded fuel system


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Unless your running high compression and huge cams your not going to see any results with ITB's.
First, let me say that i think you're wasting your time and money. It will cost about the same as a b16 swap to put itb;s on your d-series, and the stock b16 wil still smoke your itb'd z6

that said,
CBR 929 ITB's are a STUPID close match. 2 and 3 are just slightly off. you can get a set of those for about 500-1000 on ebay.
next, you need a stand alone
next, you need to figure out how to idel your car
next you need to figure out how to hook up everything that runs off vacuum- aka 90% of your cars accesories, fuel, and emissions stuff
now, you build a D-series head that can actually USE Itb's- hold revs to 12k... aka- never going to happen in a d-series. 9 is pushing it. cam overlaps are just too restrained on the single cam...
itbs will start being being effective around 5k, and won't make any real power gain until 7k

so, now, do you still want to do this?


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Now i have a question what about if i dump about a 50 shot through each itb? Whould that help in the sigle cam set up?


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Stop thread-jacking. And a 50 shot in each one is a way bad idea, youll melt a piston real quick.