D series swap into my 86 CRX SI

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Will I need to get diffrent mounts to put a D series engine into my 86 CRX SI?
If so whare can I get them?
Originally posted by Celerity@Aug 12 2005, 07:29 PM
Not too common of a swap, because it's worthless. Is your D15 in there now blown or something ?
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The engine in it now has like 220miles on it and is a EW4 12valve this is a 86 usa model multiport fule injected 1.5L. Stock hp is like 98 and the moter needs a timeing belt and most likely valves and if I put a D series into it now I can put a v-tec in later. I have a D15 and 5speed with 150,000 miles on that i'm gettin for $150. I dont have a much money with two kids, and my girl. My car is sitting with good tags on it and i could be driving it savin gas rather than my chevy caprice or 83 blazer 4x4 both with 350s. So any info on mounts would be good or maybe some good pic's of some that I can get some thoghts on how to fab up some.