D15 longblock (needs head gasket) and parts

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Please help me get rid of this stuff. I really don't have room in my little apt. This is all from a 1995 Civic DX Coupe.

D15 longblock (engine, transmission, new timing belt, new alternator) with 188,356 miles. One owner, swapped for B18 when head gasket went out. Name YOUR price, we'll see what we can work out. I've been told by a local BMW mechanic that, because of the throttle body design, this would be a great engine for boost (supercharged/turbocharged).

Shift linkage for above
Stock airbox for above, with K&N filter (filter has about 30K miles on it)
Misc hoses and stuff
A/C compressor (would not fit on the B18 with my stock radiator)
Cheapo Blaupunkt CD Player, with Jeep harness I think

Also, from the B18:
stock exhaust manifold

Please! contact me ASAP if you're even curious about this stuff. I'm almost ready to take it to the local drag strip and sell it. I'll be here all week B)

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