D15b - P08 rough idle and codes

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New Member
Just finished a D15b swap into a 1992 Civic EX (Auto)

Using an automatic P08 ECU w/ VTEC wired in.
It had a rough idle and i did the idle re-learn... that helped a little with the idle rpm.

The problem is that I get a code 7 - TPS and a code 20 ELD.

I checked the TPS and it wasnt within range so i replaced it with a new one... still get a code 7

And the ELD, what the heck.. when I start my car and its running with the lights off the blue headlight dash light is on but it is dim... did i miss hooking up a wire or something, the ELD code doesnt come up when I run the vehicle with the original USDM D15b7 ECU... In Canada we legally have to have running lights, do they in Japan? maybe this is giving me the code.

The TPS one is really bugging me though.

FYI, the car still runs a little rough... sounds like there is a slight rattling noise coming from the top of the engine somewhere which isnt there if i switch back to the old ECU.

please help



Has the wiring harness been messed with at all? Or is it still in stock form with the exception of the VTEC wiring?


New Member
The wiring harness is stock, nothing added or removed from what I can see.
The car had no previous modifications (before i got it)